NFL Picks Week 10 – Suicide Pools Survivor Pools

You survived! Week 9 was crazy! Now you are one of the few left in your Suicide Pool at the office! Let’s win this thing in week 10!

NFL Picks Week 10 – Suicide Pools Survivor Pools
It is time to win this pool!

Week 10: November 6 – November 12
Washington at Minnesota
Seattle at Atlanta
Detroit at Chicago
Philadelphia at Green Bay
Jacksonville at Tennessee
St. Louis at Indianapolis
Oakland at NY Giants
Buffalo at Pittsburgh
Cincinnati at Baltimore
Carolina at San Francisco
Houston at Arizona
Denver at San Diego
Dallas at New Orleans
Miami at Tampa Bay

NFL Week 12 Survivor Pools and Suicide Picks

Can you believe that you survived another week of your office NFL Suicide pool? Don’t lose now, because the pot can be yours. Get the win this week and survive!

Week 12: November 20 – November 26
New Orleans at Atlanta

Pittsburgh at Cleveland
Tampa Bay at Detroit
Minnesota at Green Bay
San Diego at Kansas City
Chicago at St. Louis
Carolina at Miami
NY Jets at Baltimore
Jacksonville at Houston
Tennessee at Oakland
Indianapolis at Arizona
Dallas at NY Giants
Denver at New England

San Francisco at Washington

NFL Weel 11 – Survivor Pools at Suicide Picks

Wow, that was close but you survived week 10. Now it is time to get your picks in for Week 11 of the NFL Survivor / Suicide pools.

Indianapolis at Tennessee

NY Jets at Buffalo
Baltimore at Chicago
Cleveland at Cincinnati
San Diego at Miami
Washington at Philadelphia
Detroit at Pittsburgh
Atlanta at Tampa Bay
Arizona at Jacksonville
Oakland at Houston
Kansas City at Denver
San Francisco at New Orleans
Minnesota at Seattle
Green Bay at NY Giants

New England at Carolina

NFL Picks Week 13 – Suicide Pools Survivor Pools

NFL Picks Week 13 – Suicide Pools Survivor Pools
OK, you made it to Week 13. You have beat most of of the pool. Time to win and take this all home to momma! Don’t lost this Survivor Pool!

Week 13: November 27 – December 3
Green Bay at Detroit
12:30 PM
Ford Field

Oakland at Dallas
4:30 PM CBS
AT&T Stadium

Pittsburgh at Baltimore
8:30 PM
M&T Bank Stadium

Jacksonville at Cleveland
1:00 PM
FirstEnergy Stadium

Tennessee at Indianapolis
1:00 PM
Lucas Oil Stadium

Denver at Kansas City
1:00 PM
Arrowhead Stadium

Chicago at Minnesota
1:00 PM
Mall of America Field

Miami at NY Jets
1:00 PM
MetLife Stadium

Arizona at Philadelphia
1:00 PM
Lincoln Financial Field

Tampa Bay at Carolina
1:00 PM
Bank of America Stadium

Atlanta at Buffalo
4:05 PM
Rogers Centre

St. Louis at San Francisco
4:05 PM
Candlestick Park

Cincinnati at San Diego
4:25 PM
Qualcomm Stadium

New England at Houston
4:25 PM
Reliant Stadium

NY Giants at Washington
8:30 PM
FedEx Field

New Orleans at Seattle
8:30 PM
CenturyLink Field

NFL Week 8 Survivor Picks and Suicide Pools

This is week 8 in the NFL Season and if you are here you must be a survivor in the pools. In reality I don’t expect many of you lost last week. Hopefully none. The picks were easy, and nothing crazy happened. Could week 8 be the week that knocks out a large chuck of people from your Survivor pool? At this point in the season you have most likely used up Broncos, 49ers, and the Seahawks. I am also guessing most of you have shockingly used the Chiefs. If you play smart early on, you probably used these Suicide picks. If you didn’t, then well dumb luck you are here and you have some easy picking.

The 49ers should be a good pick, London causes a bit of second thought, but not enough to lose sleep. KC plays at home against the Browns. Easy choice. Denver is a heavy favorite, but need to watch out with the finally ready to play RG3. Seattle is playing against a banged up Rams team.

Those are great if you have them left, but let’s assume you don’t. We need to move to the next tier of picks.

Here we go with some real NFL Suicide Picks:

Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings
The Vikings are horrible. They are so bad even the Giants beat them. They are a mess on the ground and in the air right now. They look beat and play like they have already lost. The Pack are playing with confidence and will be ready for this one. Good defense, good passing, they will put it in the end zone. I definitely like this pick.

Carolina Panthers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
I wouldn’t touch the Panthers before now. But now it is different as they 3 out of the last 4. They are also actually scoring a bit. Defense is playing strong and Newton is stepping it up. Tampa Bay on is looking week on defense. This is a risk since they have a losing record on the road and are .500 overall.

New Orleans Saints vs. Buffalo Bills
New Orleans are amazing but the Bills are playing well. This is my bottom spot of this 2nd tier, but I wouldn’t fer this choice.

What can we glean from last week’s results? Who can you trade away for a nice return? Or who might you be able to poach at a low price from unsuspecting fantasy owners?

Let us help you clinch your pool this week. Week 8 NFL Suicide picks to be posted here! Bookmark this and come back. Don’t miss out on a win.

Carolina at Tampa Bay
Dallas at Detroit
Cleveland at Kansas City
Miami at New England
Buffalo at New Orleans
NY Giants at Philadelphia
San Francisco atJacksonville
Pittsburgh at Oakland
NY Jets at Cincinnati
Washington at Denver
Atlanta at Arizona
Green Bay at Minnesota
Seattle at St. Louis

NFL Picks Week 9 – Suicide Pools Survivor Pools

NFL Picks Week 9 – Suicide Pools Survivor Pools
Lot’s of Bye weeks for teams. Also lot’s of mediocre football is being played. Where is the talent?

Ok, here are the picks. Pick safely and survive.

Seattle vs. Tampa Bay: Seattle has the biggest mismatch with a spread of 16.
Seahwaks will win but they showed some defensive weakness as of late. If you have Seattle left this should be your top choice. Percy Harvin coming back should help with the absence of Sidney Rice who is out for the season. Bucs look poor on offense. Tampa may not even score in this game.

Dallas vs. Minnesota: I don’t even know who is really going to be the QB for the Vikings. Either way that isn’t a good sign. That’s like choosing between two fat chicks to take to prom. I am not the most comfortable with this pick, but hey it is week 9 and you are running out of options as you should have picked Seattle already. So use the cowboys and survive this week with your Week 9 NFL Survivor Picks.

Green Bay vs. Chicago (Monday night): Bears have lost all their important players and the Pack will beat the Bears.

Carolina vs. Atlanta: Cam Newton is looking good and both sides of the ball should be OK this week against the Falcons. This is a decent pick this late in the season.

Guaranteed to win your Suicide League.

Cincinnati at Miami

Kansas City at Buffalo
Minnesota at Dallas
Tennessee at St. Louis
New Orleans at NY Jets
San Diego at Washington
Atlanta at Carolina
Philadelphia at Oakland
Tampa Bay at Seattle
Baltimore at Cleveland
Pittsburgh at New England
Indianapolis at Houston

Chicago at Green Bay

NFL Week 7 Suicide Pools and Survivor Picks

NFL Week 7 Suicide Pools and Survivor Picks

OK, so people are hanging tough and now we are in week 7. You are still alive and ready to pull this one out and take the pot.

I find this shocking, but I am very comfortable with Kansas City over Houston. Shocking? I wouldn’t have guessed it before the season started, but now find it a very comfortable pick. Great coaching, great offense and a strong defense make the Chiefs the #1 pick. Now, should they change their name? Is it offensive?

Most of you have not used the Chiefs so you can pick the #1 pick but some of you may want to try something else. San Diego over Jacksonville. This breaks a few rules, since SD has to fly East and not play at home. They also have a short week in week 7. But at the ed of the game Jacksonville is Jacksonville. Safe pick here friends.

I wouldn’t go any lower then this, but there are some second level picks.
Green Bay vs. Cleveland
Miami vs. Buffalo

Don’t get eliminated in your pool. Don’t lose this week. Make a sure bet.
Seattle at Arizona
Tampa Bay at Atlanta
Cincinnati at Detroit
Houston at Kansas City
Buffalo at Miami
New England at NY Jets
Dallas at Philadelphia
Chicago at Washington
St. Louis at Carolina
San Diego at Jacksonville
San Francisco atTennessee
Baltimore at Pittsburgh
Cleveland at Green Bay
Denver at Indianapolis
Minnesota at NY Giants

NFL Week 6 Suicide Picks | Survivor Pools

NFL Week 6 Suicide Picks and Survivor Pools will be posted here.
When your office pools and other Survivor pools.

I don’t even need to tell you who my pick is for this week. I have saved Denver all year for week 6. Now they have the largest spread ever given by the odds makers. Pick them if you listened to me.
More Details coming on other picks for those of you that didn’t know about

Don’t risk losing your Suicide Pools.

NY Giants at Chicago
Cincinnati at Buffalo
Detroit at Cleveland
Philadelphia at Tampa Bay
Green Bay at Baltimore
St. Louis at Houston
Oakland at Kansas City
Carolina at Minnesota
Pittsburgh at NY Jets
Jacksonville at Denver
Tennessee at Seattle
Arizona at San Francisco
New Orleans at New England
Washington at Dallas
Indianapolis at San Diego

NFL Week 5 Suicide Picks | Survival Pools

NFL Week 5 is a downright nasty week. Compared to the previous 4 weeks, this is by far the toughest week. At quick glance the games to pick are either Atlanta versus New York Jets or Denver versus Dallas. If you can’t select one of these options then you have to move to the Rams over the Jaguars. This is a bit scary, but the next best option.
My first pick is Atlanta over the Jets. This is probably the safest pick, with the Denver pick the next best option.

Short and sweet again this week. Stay alive my friends and pick Atlanta, as least resort Denver over Dallas or Rams of Jags.

Buffalo at Cleveland
New Orleans at Chicago
New England at Cincinnati
Detroit at Green Bay
Kansas City at Tennessee
Seattle at Indianapolis
Jacksonville at St. Louis
Baltimore at Miami
Philadelphia at NY Giants
Carolina at Arizona
San Diego at Oakland
Denver at Dallas
Houston at San Francisco
NY Jets at Atlanta

NFL Picks Week 4 – Suicide Pools Survivor Pools

NFL Survivor Picks for your Suicide Leagues.
These will be posted here Tuesday and Wednesday.

It has been a pretty easy so far, with very little that has been shocking. This week though can be a bit tricky. I am not going to waste your time this week, because I am tired. My day job has been kicking my butt as well as life.

So here you go, not much to explain. But be safe this week.

Miami is a surprise this year but they should pick a up a loss this week when they visit New Orleans. This is my top pick of the week.

Denver over Philadelphia is a good win, but I am thinking to save them still, but I would be happy to pick this one. Manning should light it up again. I like Denver here, but might preserve them for week 6.

Indianapolis at Jacksonville is a scary pick. This may doom some people. I wouldn’t rick it here as the Jags should win at least a couple of games and most likely this one at home. Stay away is my advice.

I would stay away from the Giants and KC game. Giants aren’t as bad as they look and should pick up a couple of wins. Be leery of this pick.

Watch for Atlanta to beat the Patriots this week. This could be a great upset pick to stun your league. A bit of a game still, it is Brady, but they are overrated this year.

That is about it. There are some other things to look at, but I would stay away from most. New Orleans is the go to selection this week.

DENVER over Philadelphia
KANSAS CITY over NY Giants
Cincinnati over CLEVELAND
NEW ORLEANS over Miami

I always prefer home teams and I don’t like teams that travel east.

San Francisco at St. Louis

Baltimore at Buffalo
Cincinnati at Cleveland
Arizona at Tampa Bay
Indianapolis at Jacksonville
Seattle at Houston
Chicago at Detroit
NY Giants at Kansas City
Pittsburgh at Minnesota
NY Jets at Tennessee
Washington at Oakland
Dallas at San Diego
Philadelphia at Denver
New England at Atlanta

Miami at New Orleans
·Bye: Green Bay, Carolina